Junk Car Information

Well we are promising you a lot of content and here is going to be our best go at it.

Lets start with telling you a little about how a junk yard works. We make our money from three different revenue streams. Selling cars, junking cars, and selling used auto parts.

We really love selling used auto parts. There is just something satisfying about taking old cars apart. When a good old junk car comes in the first thing we do is cut off the catalytic converter, take the battery out, drain the fuel, and inventory all the good parts. Once we have all the good parts on a list on the computer we then upload it to the world wide web for everyone to search. We use Car-Part.com. All of our inventory is actually located on this site.

Once our inventory is uploaded we don’t just wait on phone calls, we get our marketing on. We post all of our parts cars on various websites like Facebook.com, Craigslist.com, and even offerup app. The more people that know about this parts car the more parts we will sell. It really is time consuming and its a never ending job. Sometimes we have one person who does nothing but post cars on social media.

Sell us your junk car by calling 317-207-4498

After we sell a handful of parts we go on to recycling the car, don’t get me wrong… some cars go straight to this step. Some cars are just not good parts cars. They arn’t good parts cars because all of the other junk yards have 10 of the same exact car, the parts don’t move as fast. These cars we like to recycling. The recycling step is easy.

First in recycling we drain all the fluids, Once the fluids are drained we strip the car of the aluminum wheels, double check the catalytic converter, make sure the battery is removed and we stick it in the car crusher. We use the car crusher because it allows us to transport more cars per a load. Without the car crusher it would take us 4x the amount of time to take cars to the shredder.

That is a little about how we work. Hope you enjoyed :).

Thanks for reading about how we process junk cars.