Cash For Cars Information

Here is some information about us and the process of junking your car.

Currently as of today August, 15th.. metal is at $165/Ton. Thats if you bring us the vehicle and its complete with the battery, wheels, and original catalytic converter. This price goes up and down depending on what the year make and model of your vehicle is.

We are really thinking that metal is going to go down once again next month. It went down quite a bit last month and we are really hoping it doesn’t. However it is starting to look like it.

Here are some example of cars we have purchased recently.

This beauty came from Camby, Indiana as well. Another fine example of what happens when you forget to change your oil for two years straight.
This customer had a nice truck, until he never changed the oil on it. Causing the motor to start knocking. Another junk car bites the dust.

This customer was proud of their car. They didn’t do a very good job of taking care of the motor, and sure enough it went from a nice car to a junk car over night.

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