Do you live in Mooresville Indiana?

Welcome to our website! We are now paying cash for cars in all areas west of Indianapolis, and south. We are paying top dollar for junk cars.

Its great you found our website. Let me tell you a little about this rodeo.

First of all, our tow truck drivers bring cold hard cash with them when they come to pick up your junk car.

We are from Camby, so we will be at your house very quick if you live in this area. We don’t just tow in this area we also tow in all areas of Indianapolis.

We have a whole junkyard full of Jeeps. We actually specialize in Jeeps. Any Jeep part you may need give us a call!

First step is figuring out what kind of junk car you have. You can normally find this on the title.

After you figure out the year make and model of your car just give us a call.

Junk Car Hotline – 317-207-4498

When schedule a pick up with us, please don’t hang up the phone and call another tow company. This is not very nice. We understand you want the most money for your junk car, but call around and get quotes from everyone then call us back once your ready to schedule a pick up. After scheduling a pick up, GREAT your finally ready. We will send a rollback or wrecker tow truck depending on what kind of junk car you have. If its 4×4 obviously we will probably send a rollback tow truck and vise versa for a front wheel drive vehicle.

We buy all sorts of cars, the new the vehicle the more we will pay you cash.

We buy all kinds of vehicles, rather they are junk or actually running. If you have a running car and are looking for cash for a running car, thats fine just give us a call and let us know you actually have a running vehicle we will still buy it.

So this all starts with how big is your vehicle. It mainly goes by weight, the second most important factor is if your vehicle is a good parts car or not. For example a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville is not a good parts car, the reason being every single junk yard in Indianapolis has 10 of those vehicles sitting in their yard. Don’t expect to get top dollar for something like this. Now if you have a 2009 Honda Civic wrecked in the side, you can expect a pay day. We pay top dollar for late model wrecks. Especially Honda, and Jeep. Any late model junk car we will pay GREAT for.

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A newer jeep we towed in for cash. Great vehicles I must admit. This guy got cash for his car!