Cash for cars update for September.

BAD NEWS… Metal is dropping, sale your car before metal hits a record low this winter :!!

It looks like junk car metal is going to be dropping once again for the third month in a row.

It doesn’t look pretty because metal is going to be dropping $35/ton on the 1st of September. The tariffs going on right now is playing a huge roll in the price of metal at the shredder. The shredder keeps dropping us month after month. We are hoping metal goes back up as soon as America starts building again. There is a lot of talk about America building more things out of steel including our infrastructure and battle ships, if this happens the demand for metal should go up and metal should go back up but currently with the current trade policies it is causing a lot of pricing problems with metal. We arn’t just saying this to get you to sell your car, this is a fact. Here’s a link to some of the bad news, Turkey hit with heavier tariffs on steel and aluminum.

We have many junk cars, this Jeep is just one example.

When metal drops it does help one thing, the price of used auto parts goes down. It goes down because we get junk cars cheaper and with cheap junk cars it feeds our yard which means better prices for you. If you have a junk car your thinking about selling, don’t hold on to it any longer. They are saying metal could get all the way down to $50/ton, and that’s low! Just to give you an idea how low that is, currently we are at $145/ton. If it gets that low, we have a feeling a lot of people are going to be holding on to those junk cars for a very long time.

This beauty came from Camby, Indiana as well. Another fine example of what happens when you forget to change your oil for two years straight.

Now if it’s a running car, and you just want cash for your car… this is a whole different story. Cash for running cars is always an option, but please don’t lie to us and tell us it runs and drives when we arrive the car doesn’t start! That would not be a running and driving car or very honest on your end. We have been buying cars for a very long time, and we can tell right away if the vehicle is what you say it is. So please be honest, if it’s a junk car or has been sitting 10 years just tell us. We hate to quote you one price, and drive all the way to your house just to be buying a junk car. Of course we buy both running and driving cars and complete junk cars but don’t be surprised if we get there and offer you the junk car price.

We buy all sorts of cars, the new the vehicle the more we will pay you cash.

We really like late model Honda’s. If you have a 2005 or new Honda, we will pay you premium. We actually have a junkyard full of Hondas. We have over 100 Honda’s and a special area just for Honda’s. Actually, any late model we will buy. If it is 2006 or newer you can expect a high quote. I want to talk a little more about the difference in quotes between a absolute junker and a running and driving car. If the car has a bad transmission and still drives, we wouldn’t consider this running and driving. I know it drives, but when we say running and driving we mean something dependable and not something that’s about to blow transmission gears out the side of the transmission.
So if it has a bad transmission, over heats, smokes really bad, caught on fire, crashed anywhere on the car, and isn’t a late model… we would consider this a JUNK CAR. Which we love those kind of cars, actually we love all cars but we really love junk cars. We are one of those places that specifically loves buying those cars. If its sitting on all four flats, don’t worry. We have a few flat bed tow trucks and we can drag those right up on the bed without any problem at all. Don’t hesitate to call us, we are here to help you 24 hours a day.